Join this webinar to learn about how to engage the entitled consumer and hear about the brands that are leading the way in relationship building -
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Webinar: Let’s Get Emotional: How to Build Better Relationships With Your Customers

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Marketers often over-estimate how rational consumers are in their decision-making. They have long attempted to buy customer loyalty with programs that are bolted onto the customer experience and offer the same old discounts, points, and “personalized” offers. While this approach may impact some short-term consumer behavior, it fails to account for the inherently impulsive and emotional side of consumers. Emotion permeates the entire customer lifecycle and is a key driver and predictor of consumer behavior. 

Join Emily Rudin, Chief Customer Officer at CrowdTwist, and guest speaker Emily Collins, Principal Loyalty Analyst at Forrester in this webinar which will explore why and how loyalty must change to engage the entitled consumer. Participants will learn best practices and hear about the brands that are successfully building long-lasting relationships with their best customers.


Emily Collins 
Principal Loyalty Analyst,
Forrester Research, Inc.

Emily Rudin
Chief Customer Officer,


110 E. 23rd St., 8th Floor, New York, NY 10010

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