As digital advertising evolves, so too does measurement. Third-party identifiers are being ousted in favor of identity solutions that preserve consumers’ privacy, old channels are being digitized, and new channels are maturing.

In addition, less than two-thirds of your marketing peers worldwide have high confidence in their ROI measurement across key digital ad channels, according to Nielsen.

In this Meet the Analyst Webinar, our senior analyst Evelyn Mitchell-Wolf shared insights and data to help you adapt your measurement strategies without letting your campaigns falter.

You’ll get up to speed on current and future measurement trends, including:

  • Whether the industry is ready for the deprecation of third-party cookies in Chrome
  • How clean rooms will power privacy-compliant data collaboration
  • What digital out-of-home and connected TV measurement have in common


Evelyn Mitchell-Wolf

Senior Analyst, Insider Intelligence

Dan Kurtter

Head of Measurement and Data Strategy, Attain

Max Willens

Senior Analyst, Insider Intelligence

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