Connecting brands with consumers is getting a lot more complicated thanks to the imminent demise of third-party cookies and the ongoing deprecation of mobile ad IDs. When all is said and done, InMobi estimates only 8% to 14% of all mobile phones will transmit consented cross-app identifiers.

As marketers seek reassurance that they can reach their ideal audience, a greater focus is being placed on addressability and attention metrics. Meanwhile, the rapid rise and adoption of AI is introducing new efficiencies and opportunities in personalization and beyond.

In this Meet the Analyst Webinar, Evelyn Mitchell-Wolf, our senior analyst, will host a deep-dive discussion on the latest developments in how marketers plan, buy, and measure media.

During this special panel, you’ll learn about:

  • Addressability solutions, and the opportunities advertisers have to drive real connections with consumers
  • Attention metrics, their impact on sales lift, and why attention is different from viewability
  • AI, how advertisers use the tech to optimize programmatic advertising, and other real-life applications


Todd Rose

Senior Vice President, Global Business
Development and Addressability, InMobi

Ian Anderson

Vice President, AI, InMobi

Amie Owen

US Head of Commerce, UM

Angelina Eng

Vice President, Measurement, Addressability,
and Data Center, Interactive Advertising Bureau

Evelyn Mitchell-Wolf

Senior Analyst, Insider Intelligence

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