Now more than ever, consumers are willing to take their wallets elsewhere if their expectations aren’t met. In fact, according to a 2022 survey by PwC, 26% of US consumers stopped using or buying from a brand in the past year, and bad experiences were the overwhelming reasons why.

To learn how to develop strong, lasting, and high-value customer relationships, join us for a live Tech-Talk Webinar, presented by PwC. Our guests will share how marketers can use first-party data to take their loyalty programs to the next level.

You’ll gain expertise in:

  • Engagement strategies that lead to repeat sales
  • Scaling personalized experiences to deepen customer relationships
  • Why data is essential in earning trust and loyalty


Rachel Dauenbaugh

Director, Consulting Solutions, PwC US

Mark Baker

Director, Consulting Solutions, PwC US

Nancy Taffera-Santos

Senior Vice President, Media Solutions and Strategy, eMarketer

*Speakers subject to change

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