AI is enabling brands to deliver the personalized experiences that consumers have come to expect. But without reliable data, that opportunity to tailor messaging and drive meaningful engagement is lost. Effective targeted experiences start with accurate audience profiles, segmented information, and real-time updates—which is where customer data platforms (CDPs) come in.

Watch this Tech-Talk Webinar, presented by Twilio Segment, where our guest walks you through the AI-powered technology behind CDPs and their ability to deepen relationships with high-value audiences.

You’ll learn:

  • Solutions for siloed, inconsistent, and outdated customer data
  • Why integrating a CDP is the key to delivering unified, personalized customer experiences at scale
  • How leading consumer brands are building personalized experiences to drive results, from acquisition and conversion to retention and loyalty


Sonia Sidhpura

Director, Product Marketing, Twilio Segment

Marissa Coslov

Vice President, Insider Intelligence

*Speakers subject to change

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