How You Can Create Cinematic Video Marketing

The ability to make, repurpose, and measure video can help marketers hit performance goals and stay within budget.

In fact, 76% of marketing leaders agree that video helps them reach goals more effectively than other types of media, according to Vimeo’s Video Marketing Handbook 2023.

Watch this live Tech-Talk Webinar, presented by Vimeo. Our guest discussed how marketers can take a cinematic approach—similar to filmmakers, musicians, and artists—to create emotional and impactful video campaigns.

You’ll learn how:

  • AI is making it easier for brand marketers to create, edit, and share videos
  • Interactive video and other new formats are changing the viewing experience
  • Iterations can help extend the shelf life of your video content and maximize your budget


Derick Rhodes

Vice President, Marketing, Vimeo

Nancy Taffera-Santos

Senior Vice President, Media Solutions and Strategy, eMarketer

*Speakers subject to change

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