Customer identity and access management (CIAM) can help marketers address third-party cookie loss by unlocking consent forward personalization. CIAM plays a central role in the conversion funnel by providing a source of truth for insights like how, where, and when customers are signing up, signing in, and engaging with digital services.

Watch this Tech-Talk Webinar, presented by Okta. Our guest discussed how identity data can be used to enrich the user profiles stored in customer data repositories, such as a customer data platform (CDP), and how these insights can build brand trust and drive conversions.

You’ll learn how marketers can:

  • Attract and identify potential and returning customers without third-party cookies
  • Rely on zero-party data to unify profiles in a CDP and create a more complete picture of customers
  • Apply a consent-forward data approach that appeals to consumers’ desire to have more control over their information


Liz Rivera

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Customer Identity Cloud, Okta

Nancy Taffera-Santos

Senior Vice President, Media Solutions and Strategy, eMarketer

*Speakers subject to change

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