Yesterday’s moderate digital video viewers are 2023’s heavy streamers. Despite that, linear TV still owns a significant portion of the advertising market. Subscription OTT ad spend will reach only one-sixth of linear TV next year in the US.

But opportunities for advertising on streaming platforms are flourishing. Netflix rolled out its first ad-supported model in November, and Disney+, is next to join the likes of Hulu, Roku, and others.

In this Meet the Analyst Webinar, our senior analyst Ross Benes revealed the top trends and changing dynamics that will impact the video landscape in 2023, including how advertisers can allocate spending wisely across digital video and TV.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Reorient your approaches to audience reach and targeting as more Americans switch to streaming and away from linear TV
  • Navigate streaming services’ race to ramp up trial deals, free tiers, additional tier models, and how to identify marketing opportunities
  • Consider ad content creative and frequency against cutbacks in the number of shows streamers are producing as they focus on quality over quantity

After his presentation, Ross was joined by Catharine Meketa, managing vice president, commercial sales at QuickFrame by MNTN.


Ross Benes

Senior Analyst, Insider Intelligence

Catharine Meketa

Managing Vice President, Commercial Sales, QuickFrame by MNTN

Paul Verna

Principal Analyst, Insider Intelligence

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