Customers are buying more on mobile. In fact, mcommerce sales are expected to grow 14.7% in 2023, according to an eMarketer forecast. To drive sales and retain customers, marketers can use SMS (text messaging) and push notifications to accelerate their promotions.

SMS sees incredibly high open rates and can be great for transactional messaging, shipping updates, curbside pickup appointments, time-sensitive information, and engagement (i.e., surveys). Push notifications, on the other hand, can be great for other use cases such as GIFs and audio.

Watch to learn how to maximize each stage of your mobile customer experience, and:

  • Help your customers discover products through personalized interactions
  • Improve engagement and maximize mobile marketing efforts through SMS and push notifications
  • Leverage mobile experiences at every funnel stage, from awareness through customer advocacy


Darryl Bolduc

Senior Director, Product, Acoustic

Marissa Coslov

Vice President, Insider Intelligence

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