AI-generated content is controversial, but it can also be very powerful. Almost half (43%) of US business decision-makers are exploring AI, and 25% have already greenlit its use at their organizations, according to IBM and Morning Consult research.

But when it comes to AI’s relationship to content marketing specifically, depending on who you talk to, it’s either the future or the industry’s undoing.

During this Tech-Talk Webinar, our guest from The HOTH shared ways to use AI to improve your marketing without sacrificing quality, personalization, or humanity.

Join us, and together we will learn:

  • How to use AI to scale your content marketing
  • The top SEO and content strategies to keep you competitive
  • Why AI-generated content is not a threat to quality


Rachel Hernandez

Director, Brand Strategy, The HOTH

Henry Powderly

Vice President, Content, Insider Intelligence

*Speakers subject to change

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