Picking the right marketing technology stack can either drive your marketing or cause it to veer off-road. The difference? A unified data source connecting all the components.

Today, marketers struggle to find a single view of the customer, but the right stack can give marketers the complete picture they seek. With a single view, it’s far easier to personalize each interaction so it is targeted, effective, and profitable.

Snowflake presented this Tech-Talk Webinar on “How to Build a Future-Proof Modern Marketing Stack”. Watch to learn:

  • Why analytics, integration, modeling, and measurement are key pillars of martech management
  • How a single view of the customer gives marketers better targeting and more value
  • Which up-and-coming technologies to watch in 2023 show the most promise


Louren​​ço Mello

Product Marketing Lead, Solutions, Snowflake

Henry Powderly

Vice President, Content, Insider Intelligence

*Speakers subject to change

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