As third-party cookies diminish, brands and data providers are embracing data clean rooms in order to share market data while still adhering to today’s strict privacy laws. By 2023, 80% of advertisers with substantial media budgets will use data clean rooms, according to Gartner.

During this Tech-Talk Webinar, our guest from Tinuiti shared how big tech is pulling back the curtain to allow advertising partners to access their data without compromising user privacy.

Watch to learn more about data clean rooms, including:

  • How it will impact advertisers in the future
  • Why organizations still need help with set up and analysis
  • How solutions, like Amazon Marketing Cloud, can be used for measuring and unifying cross-channel analytics


Aly Fields

Associate Director, Marketplaces Commerce, Tinuiti

Marissa Coslov

Vice President, Business Development, Insider Intelligence

*Speakers subject to change

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