The four Ps of marketing are always important—but in today’s environment, one in particular is getting a lot of attention: price. Record inflation is impacting consumers across every dimension of their lives, whether they’re at the grocery store or booking their next vacation. As brands fight for rapidly diminishing wallet share, marketers are scrambling to figure out what matters most as they plan campaigns and ad content that will resonate with their audiences.

In this webinar, we addressed both the brand and consumer sides of the inflation equation. Expect to learn:

  • The consumer psychology surrounding inflation concerns
  • How this year’s buyer will look depending on factors like household income, cost of living, and generation
  • The varying impacts of inflation across verticals and what they mean for the holiday shopping season


Courtney Hilbert

Senior Director, Analytics, Merkle

Marissa Coslov

Vice President, Business Development, eMarketer

*Speakers subject to change

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