In light of today’s constraints on consumer data tracking, it’s time to identify impactful marketing strategies and measure program effectiveness without needing cookies or any user-level data.

During this eMarketer Tech-Talk Webinar, our guests from Kinase and Skai™, formerly Kenshoo, explored the reasons why marketers turn to incrementality testing in order to thrive in a cookie-free world.

Watch this webinar to learn how incrementality testing:

  • Differs from multitouch attribution
  • Helps marketers achieve strategic business goals and key performance indicator targets
  • Addresses marketers’ biggest measurement challenges
  • Plus! See examples for a better understanding of how to get started


James Monaghan

Analytics Director, Kinase

Moti Radomski

General Manager, Planning and Measurement, Skai™

Marissa Coslov

Vice President, Business Development, eMarketer

*Speakers subject to change

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