Connected TV (CTV) adoption has skyrocketed for both viewers and advertisers, giving marketers more actionable data to analyze. Over 223 million users now regularly watch CTV, and with rising viewership comes data that should interest every advertiser.

Watch MNTN’s Tim Edmundson, director, content and research, for a behind-the-scenes look at what MNTN Research has learned from analyzing over 10 million hours of CTV advertising data. He went through an analysis of the top trends he’s seen develop over the last year and covered how to use those findings to effectively position your CTV ad strategy for seasonal or evergreen campaigns.

Watch this Tech-Talk Webinar and learn:

  • Exclusive CTV insights sourced across thousands of campaigns from advertisers in a variety of industries
  • The top CTV advertising trends that have developed over the last year
  • How to leverage this information to position your CTV ad strategy for seasonal or evergreen campaigns


Tim Edmundson

Director, Content and Research, MNTN

Nancy Taffera-Santos

Senior Vice President, Media Solutions and Strategy, eMarketer

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