Content creators know that the quickest way to produce a cringy ad is by engaging with a creative trend the moment it’s lost its luster. And with the viral landscape of modern internet culture accelerating the life cycles of ad creative, it’s more important than ever for brands to ensure they meet the moment when these popular trends emerge. But when trends burn out this fast, how do you begin to identify what the next big thing in ad creative will be?

Watch QuickFrame by MNTN’s Morgan Bailey, vice president, product and performance, as she gave her perspective on what’s currently hot in ad creative, and what’s fading into obscurity faster than you can say CNN+. She dug into the trends and styles emerging from creators, and how you can leverage them to unlock testing opportunities that’ll allow you to expand on to more platforms, reach new audiences, and mitigate ad fatigue.


Morgan Bailey

Vice President, Product and Performance,
QuickFrame by MNTN

Nancy Taffera-Santos

Senior Vice President of Media Solutions and Strategy,

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