As the TV landscape evolves to include all screens and expands to encompass digital formats including streaming, connected TV (CTV), over the top (OTT), and others, these channels provide political campaign marketers with an opportunity to further boost a candidate’s reach.

During this eMarketer Tech-Talk Webinar, our guests from Buying Time Digital, National Media, and New York Interconnect (NYI) discussed the important elements of a holistic political campaign strategy.

Watch this webinar and learn:

How to maximize political advertising through a multiscreen approach

The ways that linear TV ad tech has evolved to keep pace with digital

Three key elements found in every successful political TV media strategy

Plus! How local political campaigns impact voter turnout, using the New York market as an example


Nathaniel Kronisch Nathaniel Kronisch is CEO of Buying Time Digital. Nathaniel joined Buying Time, LLC in 2003 and now serves as vice president. In 2015, Nathaniel took on an additional role, founding Buying Time’s sister all-digital agency, Buying Time Digital. Nathaniel has been involved in media for over two decades. He is a seasoned strategist with experience in all media platforms including, but not limited to: TV, digital, radio, print, and out-of-home at the international, national, and spot market levels.
Adam Wise Adam Wise is senior vice president at National Media, a conservative-leaning media buying agency with over $1 billion in media placement in the last two election cycles. Adam has been involved with media analytics for many of the toughest races in the past decade. During his time at National Media, he has developed its competitive tracking system—which has now tracked over $28 billion in political spend—and a new measurement panel for analyzing cross-platform reach and frequency.
Randi Langford Randi Langford is vice president, programming, political, and interconnect sales at NYI. Randi is responsible for the management of all accounts, strategies, delivery, and reporting to clients throughout the New York footprint. She is a seasoned sales executive who has been a part of the NYI family for over 25 years. Randi has a solid track record that includes successful cross-platform ad campaigns and a strong network of agency and client relationships.


Nancy Taffera-Santos is senior vice president of media solutions and strategy at eMarketer. Nancy has been at eMarketer for over 13 years and oversees the media business, developing programs for leading advertisers. Nancy’s background includes 30 years of sales, marketing, and promotions experience in media, web analytics, and test and measurement hardware. In her downtime, Nancy stays active serving on alumni, nonprofit and trade association boards.
*Speakers subject to change.

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