In this Meet the Analyst Webinar, Yory Wurmser, our principal analyst, discussed the latest trends, data, and strategies on how marketers can approach augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

Watch this discussion, made possible by QuickFrame by MNTN, on the topics below and more:

Our latest US AR/VR forecast

Experiential and technological drivers, like the metaverse, and more

Opportunities for retailers and advertisers

Plus! Hannah Blahut, global account manager, channel partnerships at QuickFrame by MNTN, joins the conversation


Yory Wurmser

Yory Wurmser is a principal analyst at Insider Intelligence. He leads the technology team and covers mobile media, networks and devices as well as regulatory issues related to data and technology.
Hannah Blahut

Hannah Blahut is global account manager, channel partnerships at QuickFrame by MNTN. Hannah leads the company’s Meta platform partnership and strategically helps brands develop and understand how video content drives results on the Meta platform and beyond. She enjoys working with clients to consider their video creative as a lever for campaign optimization and as a tool to better analyze and learn from their audiences. Hannah is excited about the future of Web3 and all of the creative opportunities and trends rapidly emerging in the space.


Jasmine Enberg Jasmine Enberg is a principal analyst at Insider Intelligence, covering global trends in social media with a focus on social commerce and influencer marketing. Enberg is frequently cited in top media publications, and is a regular speaker at industry events.

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