Despite having more data than ever before, most companies struggle with navigating the complex journey of interconnected channels in customer acquisition. Find out why a new approach to marketing attribution is needed from Noogata’s CEO and founder.

With marketing portfolio measurement—or optimization based on the performance of a complete marketing mix, rather than on the attribution to each campaign or channel—marketers can better understand where to focus their resources. Watch this webinar and learn how to:

Leverage the right digital channels that boost engagement, conversions, and ROI

Gain real-time signals for a larger set of metrics while eliminating silos

More accurately measure and improve brand awareness, consideration, and sales


Assaf Egozi Assaf Egozi is CEO and founder of Noogata. Assaf is passionate about the potential for AI to radically improve business results and has dedicated much of his career to forging a relationship between deep data intelligence and business growth. He has a deep understanding of business strategy and operations honed over 8 years at McKinsey & Company. Assaf has an MBA with high distinction from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Computer Sciences from Tel Aviv University, where he graduated magna cum laude.


Marissa Coslov is vice president of business development at eMarketer. She is an experienced sales and account executive, with a proven track record of selling on an enterprise level while educating and building value among the world’s largest and most recognizable brands, agencies and ad-tech companies.

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