In this Meet the Analyst Webinar, Yory Wurmser, our principal analyst, discussed the top four mobile trends to watch in the months ahead.

Watch this discussion, made possible by Oracle Advertising and CX, on the topics below and more:

Privacy regulations and collecting data

QR codes (Are they here to stay?)

Computer vision applications, like visual search and augmented reality

Mobile apps and sustainability

Plus! Clint Kaiser, head of strategic and analytic services at Oracle Consulting, joins the conversation


Yory Wurmser

Yory Wurmser is a principal analyst at Insider Intelligence. He leads the technology team and covers mobile media, networks and devices as well as regulatory issues related to data and technology.
Clint Kaiser

Clint Kaiser is head of strategic and analytic services at Oracle Consulting. He oversees the digital strategy and analytics team for Oracle’s marketing consulting division. Clint and his team are responsible for driving business impacts for their clients’ digital marketing efforts via a highly data-driven approach. He works across channels and at all points of the customer life cycle to improve the customer experience.


Jessica Lis Jessica Lis is an analyst at Insider Intelligence. Jessica covers the intersection of emerging tech, business strategy, and policy, including topics like AI bias and consumer internet of things. Previously, she was a strategy consultant focused on aerospace, emerging tech, and sustainability.

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