Owning Customer Data in a Cookieless World

The days of relying on third-party cookies to supplement marketing campaigns is coming to an end. In certain browsers, cookies are already limited to a 24-hour lifespan—less time than any marketer would want.

That can cause campaign performance to suffer. In fact, costs per conversion can go up more than 150% for campaigns that don’t have access to conversion data, according to a recent Facebook study.

As the cookie crumbles, how can you take ownership of your customer data?

eMarketer was pleased to moderate a Tech-Talk Webinar featuring Exponea (acquired by Bloomreach)'s Martin Simo, product marketing manager. He discussed how brand marketers can take decisive action and develop a successful data strategy in a post-cookie world.

Watch this webinar and learn:

How the deprecation of the cookie impacts current customer data practices

What new attribution modeling looks like

Ways to reduce customer acquisition costs

How companies such as Tesco and Sofology successfully use a customer data platform (CDP) to increase retention


Martin Simo Martin Simo is product marketing manager at Exponea (acquired by Bloomreach). Martin has a deep understanding of marketing technologies. He is an expert in analytics, data privacy, and personalization, and has experience from various marketing roles including head of marketing for a €2M annual revenue ecommerce brand. He’s obsessed with asking the right questions that lead to achieving objectives.


Marissa Coslov is vice president of business development at eMarketer. She is an experienced sales and account executive, with a proven track record of selling on an enterprise level while educating and building value among the world’s largest and most recognizable brands, agencies and ad-tech companies.

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