5 Customer Experience Trends to Watch

From increased adoption of D2C and omnichannel marketing to more frictionless payment methods in-person, what are the customer experiences (CX) that your customers will crave—and demand—in the months and years ahead?

In this Meet the Analyst Webinar, Jeremy Goldman, eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence, covered the top trends in the CX world that winning brands must embrace to stay ahead.

Watch this webinar, made possible by Snowflake, and explore:

Why marketers must adjust strategies to focus on first-party data collection

Key advancements in try-before-you-buy technology—and how it’s critical to CX efforts

How to meet consumers’ top demands across all channels, particularly in-person


Jeremy Goldman

Jeremy Goldman is an eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence, focusing on customer experience and brand marketing, including email and SMS marketing, personalization, omnichannel, and consumer attitudes. Prior to joining Insider Intelligence, Jeremy spent a decade as an agency founder, digital marketing author, and columnist for leading business publications.
Rosemary Hua

Rosemary Hua is head of retail strategy at Snowflake. Rosemary leads the charge on how the Snowflake product can transform the retail industry. Before Snowflake, Rosemary was a director at Walmart for five years, where she drove top executive initiatives for the retailer’s data strategy. She also previously worked at Amazon within the transactions machine learning organization.


Nicole Perrin Nicole Perrin is an eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence, focusing on digital marketing and advertising, including native advertising, storytelling and creative, customer experience, brand safety, Amazon’s ad business, and consumer attitudes toward advertising.

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