Investing in Modernization: The New Wave of Customer-Centered Martech

How can brands adjust to the speed of today’s business, meet consumers’ ever-changing demands, and learn faster? It’s all about the modern platform.

According to Merkle’s Q3 Customer Engagement Report, marketers are generally happy with their current platforms, but many may not be using them to their full potential. While 89% of marketers say their current marketing technology enables omnichannel experiences, 68% stated they still need a custom platform.

eMarketer was pleased to moderate a Tech-Talk Webinar featuring Merkle’s Sandra Swindle, senior vice president, CRM technology delivery leader, along with The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company’s Matt Wilkinson, general manager, digital marketing, and AAA Club Alliance’s Scott Lugar, CMO. They discussed how marketing technology modernization can deliver relevant and valuable customer experiences.

Watch this webinar and learn:

Key findings from Merkle’s Q3 research on customer engagement

How to accelerate digital transformation with a martech platform upgrade

Considerations for where and how to invest

Potential gaps in connecting and leveraging real-time data

Sandra Swindle Sandra Swindle is a senior vice president, CRM technology delivery leader at Merkle. With over 15 years of deep experience deploying large scale high-performance technology solutions, Sandra leads Merkle’s systems integration team with a focus on providing functional and technical integration across marketing and adtech platforms. Sandra has crafted her consultative and technology skills focused on projects enabling integration across various marketing ecosystem components.
Matt Wilkinson Matt Wilkinson is the general manager, digital marketing for The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. Matt has 14 years of experience helping brands develop and optimize their digital marketing strategies. Matt currently leads Goodyear’s in-house digital agency, responsible for paid search, search engine optimization, affiliate advertising, paid social, and email/CRM. Prior to Goodyear, Matt led national paid media teams at agencies Razorfish and Rosetta.
Scott Lugar Scott Lugar is the CMO of AAA Club Alliance, where he leads the organization’s marketing and membership strategy. Scott’s 20+ years of experience includes elevating brands, building teams, integrating operations, creating financial services strategies, developing digital products and promotions, and designing customer experiences. Prior to AAA Club Alliance, he held a variety of roles at ING DIRECT USA, Capital One, and JG Wentworth.


Nancy Taffera-Santos is senior vice president of media solutions and strategy at eMarketer. Nancy has been at eMarketer for over 13 years and oversees the media business, developing programs for leading advertisers. Nancy’s background includes 30 years of sales, marketing, and promotions experience in media, web analytics, and test and measurement hardware. In her downtime, Nancy stays active serving on alumni, nonprofit and trade association boards.

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