Affiliate Marketing

Revenue and Control When You Need It Most

Did you know that nearly half of US executive-level marketers, recently surveyed by Forrester Consulting, verified they have greater spend control and better ROI in affiliate marketing—a pay-for-performance model—over other paid channels? In fact, recent survey data shows that more executive-level marketers rank affiliate in their top three revenue channels.

eMarketer was pleased to moderate a Tech-Talk Webinar featuring Pepperjam CMO Maura Smith. Maura dove into the company’s recent survey results from top marketers to level-set the perceptions of affiliate marketing and the proven value the channel consistently brings.

Watch this webinar, and learn more about the effectiveness of the affiliate channel for:

Revenue generation

Improved ROI

Greater media spend control


Maura Smith Maura Smith is CMO of Pepperjam, a performance marketing solutions provider powering growth for marketers seeking a scaled alternative to their primary sales and marketing channels. Maura, an affiliate marketing veteran, oversees all facets of the Pepperjam brand, including digital marketing, messaging and creative development, marketing effectiveness, social responsibility and media and employee communications.


Douglas Clark is the global director of public relations at eMarketer. He leverages his relationships with top-tier journalists around the world to shine a spotlight on eMarketer’s latest forecasts and analysis. Prior to joining eMarketer, Doug spent nearly a decade as an on-air reporter and anchor at three TV affiliates across the country.

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