Now On Demand, Webinar: Key Digital Trends for 2019

Our predictions for what will matter to marketers, and what won’t

While change in the digital age isn’t as sudden and widespread as people often assume, 2019 will bring some important new developments—in areas ranging from digital’s reinvention of physical retail to voice technology to social media, and beyond.

In this on-demand webinar, featuring eMarketer senior analyst Mark Dolliver, we break down what digital marketers can expect, and share insight on how to prepare your strategy for the year ahead. 

Made possible by Optimizely, this video webinar will explore:

Trends that will matter to marketers in 2019—transparency, digital’s role in retail, voice technology, and more!

Things that won’t be trends this year, and those that we wish we predicted last year

Ask questions, and interact with your eMarketer community of marketing peers

Plus! Jo Ann Sanders, VP of product marketing at Optimizely, joins the conversation

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Mark Dolliver Mark Dolliver is a senior analyst at eMarketer. He covers demographics, looking at how various population groups do or do not conform to conventional wisdom about their behavior as consumers and digital users.
Jo Ann Sanders Jo Ann Sanders is VP of product marketing at Optimizely, and has over a decade of leadership experience in marketing and product management for top Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft and Adobe. Her expertise spans digital marketing, digital transformation, mobile, cloud, diversity and inclusion, and executive leadership.
Marcus Johnson Marcus Johnson is a senior forecasting analyst at eMarketer, and the host of eMarketer's Behind the Numbers podcast series. 
Ezra Palmer Ezra Palmer is executive producer of multimedia at eMarketer. He moderates eMarketer Live’s Tech Talk Tuesday and Analyst webinar programs, and is a frequent guest on eMarketer’s Behind the Numbers podcast series.

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