Webinar: Dynamic Creative Optimization and Digital Storytelling

Programmatic advertising has made possible unprecedented use of data for identifying, segmenting and targeting audiences—and data-driven personalization can extend to creative as well with dynamic creative optimization. Nicole Perrin, eMarketer senior analyst, examines how brands are using dynamic creative to message more effectively to consumers and tell their stories across digital channels in a holistic and meaningful way.

This on demand webinar will provide a look at:

How marketers are personalizing creative on the fly to reach customers with better messaging

What types of dynamically optimized messaging marketers are using and why

How well marketers are able to tell stories across channels with dynamically personalized creative

Meet the Presenters

Nicole Perrin Nicole Perrin is a senior analyst at eMarketer writing on digital marketing and advertising, including native advertising, storytelling and creative, customer experience, brand safety, Amazon’s ad business and consumer attitudes toward advertising.

Gauri Bhat

Gauri Bhat is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for Adobe Advertising Cloud. She brings a diverse background to her role, having worked in supply chain analysis, business analysis, and customer enablement in her past roles. While the creativity and the fast pace of the advertising landscape excites Gauri, her pet peeve is the amount of jargon the advertising industry generates.

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