Planning for the Deprecation of Third-Party Data—An eMarketer One-on-One Interview with BlueConic’s
Sam Ngo

Watch as Sam Ngo, director of product marketing at BlueConic, and Nicole Perrin, former eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence, discussed how marketers can prepare for the depletion of current data sources. During this educational discussion, you will learn how to future-proof your data strategy and discover the challenges marketers must consider when navigating privacy regulations and third-party cookie deprecation.

Tune in and learn:

The role of identity and how technology fits into today’s privacy-first era

How companies, especially in industries that historically lack access to customer data, can build first-party data assets

Where second-party data can fit into future data strategies

Plus! Three things that leaders can do now to kick off their data strategy planning

Featured Guest

Sam Ngo Sam Ngo is director of product marketing at BlueConic. Sam helps clients put in place the right people, processes, and platforms to make use of the structured and unstructured data from social channels. Prior to BlueConic, Sam was a researcher at Forrester Research covering the social intelligence space. When Sam is not knee-deep in translating the value of BlueConic, she’s trying to understand the science of baking.


Nicole Perrin Nicole Perrin is a former eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence, focusing on digital marketing and advertising, including native advertising, storytelling and creative, customer experience, brand safety, Amazon’s ad business, and consumer attitudes toward advertising.

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