eMarketer Roundup: Customer Experience & Personalization Trends 2019

Marketers believe they have a mandate to personalize customer experiences across channels. That’s because most believe consumers have signaled their interest in receiving more-tailored communications through their behaviors and actions. And in many cases, personalization seems to be the logical next step in achieving the greatest return on marketing investments in a digital, measurable world.

Curated by eMarketer, this Roundup of articles, insights and interviews will help you understand the latest trends in personalization and data-driven marketing today. Download this complimentary “Customer Experience & Personalization Trends 2019 Roundup” to learn:

How realistic, or not, marketers are today about their customer experience

What personalized content appeals to consumers

What approach US companies are taking toward omnichannel personalization

Plus! Acxiom’s three fundamentals of data-driven retail marketing

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