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YouTube is the largest ad-supported digital video platform in the US in terms of reach and time spent. In 2020, YouTube was watched by 214.9 million Americans, making up 74.2% of US internet users.

During the coronavirus pandemic, YouTube saw both viewing and ad revenue increase due to behavioral shifts. For TV advertisers, this accelerated trend could make the platform a powerful alternative for those looking to reallocate ad dollars from television to digital video.

This eMarketer analyst report gives a closer look at how YouTube advertising has grown during the coronavirus pandemic as advertisers prioritized more flexible channels.

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Our most recent forecast for US ad revenues and gross connected TV (CTV) ad revenues

An overview of YouTube’s three models of digital video monetization

YouTube’s ad formats and ad buying, including on CTV

Plus, valuable key takeaways for advertisers

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How YouTube Viewing Is Shifting to CTV—And What It Means for TV Advertisers