Industry Insights: Spotlight on CPG

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Curated by eMarketer, this special collection of interviews will help you understand how consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands are focusing on the critical challenges facing the sector and what’s envisioned for the future. Download this complimentary Roundup “Industry Insights: Spotlight on CPG,” and learn how:

Bounty’s brand vice president, Janette Yauch is taking Bounty’s messaging to youth-skewed channels like TikTok and Twitch

Crayola’s executive vice president, digital strategy, Victoria Lozano uses social to amplify the brand’s commitment to meaningful consumer relationships

Brenne Whisky’s president and founder, Allison Parc brings accessibility to brand discovery through online media

Nestlé USA’s CMO, Alicia Enciso leans into social commerce to inspire seamless brand purchasing

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