Industry Insights: Spotlight on Women Leaders

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Over the past year, digital technologies accelerated and reshaped how we work and socialize.

Curated by eMarketer, this special collection of interviews will help you explore digital’s acceleration and the changes it has brought in this new era. Download this complimentary Roundup “Industry Insights: Spotlight on Women Leaders,” and learn how:

Deloitte’s CMO, Suzanne Kounkel approaches “brandstanding” during times of social and political challenges

Danone’s vice president of marketing, North America, Sonika Patel built a value-based community rooted in health and wellness

Purely Elizabeth’s founder and CEO, Elizabeth Stein reallocated marketing dollars from in-store taste tests to digital discovery

Dickies’ vice president of global marketing, Kathy Hines prioritizes honest, authentic global messaging with a localized approach

Kibou’s co-founder and CEO, Nell Shaprio reimagined the diaper bag brand’s go-to market strategy with virtual touchpoints

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