Crypto Payments: How Incumbents Can Lean into Demand Across Key Use Cases

Worldwide crypto transaction payment value is expected to hit $10.40 billion in 2022, growing 70.5% year over year (YoY), per Insider Intelligence forecasts. While crypto payment adoption remains extremely low, and near-term hurdles remain significant, continued industry investment and competitive pressures will boost adoption across several key use cases through 2023.

Webinar topics include:

  • Examining US crypto payment user growth and global crypto transaction value growth trends, as well as discussing growth drivers and inhibitors
  • Ranking the top crypto use cases by maturity and assessing how they are impacting payments incumbents’ revenues, competitive positioning, and performance
  • Examining how payments incumbents are adapting to and driving change, and discussing what they should do to best harness crypto payment opportunities


David Morris, Principal Analyst, Financial Services

David Morris is Principal Analyst leading the Payments and Commerce vertical at Insider Intelligence. He oversees content across the payments ecosystem, leading a team that provides actionable insights to top decision-makers navigating digital transformation.

Grace Broadbent, Analyst, Financial Services

Grace Broadbent is a Research Analyst in the Payments & Commerce vertical at Insider Intelligence. Her research focuses on digital transformation in the payments industry, with analysis targeted toward how emerging consumer and enterprise technologies are impacting industry stakeholders. She regularly covers crypto payments in her reports and other writing.

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